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PMI PMI Certification PMI-001 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    Which document describes the procurement item in sufficient detail to allow prospective sellers to determine if they are capable of providing the products, services, or results?

    A. Procurement management plan

    B. Procurement statement of work

    C. Request for proposal

    D. Request for quote

  • Question 2:

    Project contracts generally fall into which of the following three broad categories?

    A. Fixed-price, cost reimbursable, time and materials

    B. Make-or-buy, margin analysis, fixed-price

    C. Time and materials, fixed-price, margin analysis

    D. Make-or-buy, lump-sum, cost-plus-incentive

  • Question 3:

    Which type of dependency used in the Sequence Activities process is sometimes referred to as preferred logic, preferential logic, or soft logic?

    A. Internal

    B. External

    C. Discretionary

    D. Mandatory

  • Question 4:

    Plan Communications Management develops an approach and plan for project communications based on stakeholders' needs and requirements and:

    A. Available organizational assets

    B. Project staff assignments

    C. Interpersonal skills

    D. Enterprise environmental factors

  • Question 5:

    Payback period, return on investment, internal rate of return, discounted cash flow, and net present value are all examples of:

    A. Expert judgment.

    B. Analytical techniques.

    C. Earned value management.

    D. Group decision-making techniques.

  • Question 6:

    The completion of the project scope is measured against the:

    A. requirements documentation.

    B. project scope statement.

    C. project management plan.

    D. work performance measurements.

  • Question 7:

    Processes in the Initiating Process Group may be completed at the organizational level and be outside of the project's:

    A. Level of control.

    B. Communication channels.

    C. Scope.

    D. Strategic alignment.

  • Question 8:

    In which process group is the scope first defined?

    A. Initiating

    B. Planning

    C. Executing

    D. Controlling

  • Question 9:

    Who provides the inputs for the original estimates of activity durations for tasks on the project plan?

    A. Project sponsor

    B. Project manager

    C. Person responsible for project scheduling

    D. Person who is most familiar with the task

  • Question 10:

    In Project Cost Management, which input is exclusive to the Determine Budget process?

    A. Scope baseline

    B. Organizational process assets

    C. Project schedule

    D. Resource calendars

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