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    :TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2
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    :The Open Group Certification
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    :Apr 12, 2024

The Open Group The Open Group Certification OG0-093 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    In which ADM phase is the Implementation and Migration Plan coordinated with other frameworks?

    A. Phase A

    B. Phase E

    C. Phase F

    D. Phase G

    E. Phase H

  • Question 2:

    Which of the following is described by the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework as a type of artifact that shows lists of things?

    A. Building Block

    B. Catalog

    C. Diagram

    D. Matrix

    E. Deliverable

  • Question 3:

    According to TOGAF, which of the following types of architecture has major characteristics that include open system standards and general building blocks?

    A. Common Systems Architecture

    B. Foundation Architecture

    C. Industry Architecture

    D. Organization-Specific Architecture

  • Question 4:

    TOGAF uses a version numbering convention to illustrate the evolution of the Baseline and Target Architecture Definitions. Which version number in this convention indicates a formally reviewed, detailed architecture?

    A. Version 0.1

    B. Version 0.5

    C. Version 0.9

    D. Version 1.0

    E. Version 1.5

  • Question 5:

    What is the purpose of the Standards Information Base within the Architecture Repository?

    A. It describes the organization specific architecture framework and method

    B. It provides a record of the governance activity across the enterprise

    C. It defines the parameters, structures, and processes to support governance

    D. It lists the set of specifications to which architectures must conform

    E. It provides standard templates and patterns that must be used to create new architectures

  • Question 6:

    Which of the following best describes the TOGAF classification in Phase H for a re-architecting change?

    A. A change driven by a requirement to derive additional value from the existing investment

    B. A change driven by a requirement to increase investment in order to create new value for exploitation

    C. A change driven by a requirement to reduce costs

    D. A change driven by a requirement to reduce investment

    E. A change driven by a requirement to re-align with the business strategy

  • Question 7:

    Which of the following best describes the purpose of the Business Transformation Readiness Assessment technique?

    A. To determine if the organization is ready to undergo change

    B. To determine if the stakeholders support the implementation plan

    C. To ensure that there are adequate trained engineers to develop the solution

    D. To ensure that there is sufficient funding to execute the transformation

    E. To plan the migration steps needed to achieve the transformation

  • Question 8:

    Which of the following best describes the Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model?

    A. It is used to determine the capability level of an enterprise

    B. It is a deliverable from Phase A

    C. It focuses on Application Software

    D. It provides a conceptual structure for architecture governance

    E. It supports all the Common Systems Architectures

  • Question 9:

    Complete the sentence. The practice by which the enterprise architecture is managed and controlled at an enterprise level is known as____________.

    A. Architecture governance

    B. Corporate governance

    C. IT governance

    D. Portfolio management

    E. Technology governance

  • Question 10:

    Which of the following describes an objective of Phase G: Implementation Governance?

    A. Finalize the Implementation and Migration Plan

    B. Establish the recourses for architecture governance

    C. Ensure conformance for the target architecture

    D. Operate the governance framework

    E. Develop the Target Technology Architecture

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