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EC-COUNCIL CCISO 712-50 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    What organizational structure combines the functional and project structures to create a hybrid of the two?

    A. Traditional

    B. Composite

    C. Project

    D. Matrix

  • Question 2:

    The primary responsibility for assigning entitlements to a network share lies with which role?

    A. CISO

    B. Data owner

    C. Chief Information Officer (CIO)

    D. Security system administrator

  • Question 3:

    Who is responsible for verifying that audit directives are implemented?

    A. IT Management

    B. Internal Audit

    C. IT Security

    D. BOD Audit Committee

  • Question 4:

    XYZ is a publicly-traded software development company.

    Who is ultimately accountable to the shareholders in the event of a cybersecurity breach?

    A. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    B. Chief Software Architect (CIO)

    C. CISO

    D. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Question 5:

    Which of the following strategies provides the BEST response to a ransomware attack?

    A. Real-time off-site replication

    B. Daily incremental backup

    C. Daily full backup

    D. Daily differential backup

  • Question 6:

    What is the MOST critical output of the incident response process?

    A. A complete document of all involved team members and the support they provided

    B. Recovery of all data from affected systems

    C. Lessons learned from the incident, so they can be incorporated into the incident response processes

    D. Clearly defined documents detailing standard evidence collection and preservation processes

  • Question 7:

    Many successful cyber-attacks currently include:

    A. Phishing Attacks

    B. Misconfigurations

    C. Social engineering

    D. All of these

  • Question 8:

    When evaluating a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), which service(s) is/are most important:

    A. Patch management

    B. Network monitoring

    C. Ability to provide security services tailored to the business' needs

    D. 24/7 tollfree number

  • Question 9:

    Of the following types of SOCs (Security Operations Centers), which one would be MOST likely used if the CISO has decided to outsource the infrastructure and administration of it?

    A. Virtual

    B. Dedicated

    C. Fusion

    D. Command

  • Question 10:

    Who should be involved in the development of an internal campaign to address email phishing?

    A. Business unit leaders, CIO, CEO

    B. Business Unite Leaders, CISO, CIO and CEO

    C. All employees

    D. CFO, CEO, CIO

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