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Cisco Account manager 700-802 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    What is the TAM for the manufacturing vertical?

    A. $15 billion

    B. $3.2 billion

    C. $28 billion

    D. $200 million

    E. $422 million

  • Question 2:

    Cost reduction is an important success metric for Automation Controls Directors. In the Internet of Things, which four options achieve cost reduction? (Choose four.)

    A. decreased downtime

    B. increased operational equipment effectiveness from 65% to 89%

    C. improved quality

    D. increased throughput

    E. improved uptime

    F. improved safety

  • Question 3:

    In which two ways can you start conversations with an Automation Controls Director? (Choose two.)

    A. Talk about thwarting attacks and security breaches.

    B. Talk about the desire to reduce cabinets.

    C. Talk about worker safety.

    D. Talk about reducing downtime with network and device visibility.

  • Question 4:

    Which three solution elements were deployed in the tractor manufacturer case study? (Choose three.)

    A. IP cameras

    B. AeroScout T2 tags

    C. mounted exciters

    D. MobileView software

    E. RockWell automation

  • Question 5:

    Which three options was the solution composed of in the auto manufacturer case study? (Choose three.)

    A. implement a unified network securitySystem

    B. launch of new wireless network

    C. organize planlayouts via wireless tooling

    D. deployment of AeroScout T2 tags

    E. use of Ethernet! I/O to integrate machinery

  • Question 6:

    In which two ways can you start conversations with Plant IT Directors? (Choose two.)

    A. Talk about reducing downtime.

    B. Talk about thwarting attacks and security breaches.

    C. Talk about converging networks.

    D. Talk about having fine control over third-party network access.

  • Question 7:

    Which three benefits were realized as a result of the Cisco Internet of Things solution in the tractor manufacturer case study? (Choose three.)

    A. improved production accuracy by 23%

    B. integrated, continuous real-time views of manufacturing process

    C. reduced cycle-times by 99%

    D. reduced cycle-time by 40%

    E. reduced overtime that results from efficient replenishment

  • Question 8:

    Which four people are important decision-makers in the manufacturing environment? (Choose four.)

    A. Director of Marketing

    B. Automation Controls Director

    C. Plant Engineering Manager

    D. Plant IT Director

    E. Safety Director

    F. Executive Director

    G. Facilities Manager

  • Question 9:

    Which four options are overarching categories of physical hardware within the product structure? (Choose four.)

    A. plant routing

    B. JouleX

    C. field network

    D. plant switching

    E. IP cameras

    F. connected safety and security

  • Question 10:

    In which three ways does the Cisco Internet of Things help customers to be more safe? (Choose three.)

    A. increased production efficiency

    B. threat detection and mitigation

    C. greater productivity

    D. device configuration assurance

    E. user and device identity

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