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Cisco CCNP Data Center 642-996 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    Which protocol does the Data Center Bridging Capability Exchange protocol use to discover and initialize DCB-compliant devices?

    A. LLDP

    B. ETS

    C. PFC

    D. FIP

    E. TCP

  • Question 2:

    Which two options are examples of Layer 2 service virtualization? (Choose two.)

    A. GRE

    B. VRF

    C. VPLS

    D. MPLS

    E. vPC

  • Question 3:

    Which benefit does the Dynamic Resource Allocation Protocol provide to Cisco FabricPath?

    A. FTAG assignment

    B. switch-ID assignment

    C. conversational learning

    D. vPC+ ID assignment

    E. IS-IS compatibility

  • Question 4:

    Given the requirements, which Cisco Nexus product is Cisco recommended?

    A rich feature set that makes it well suited to top-of-rack, middle-of-row, or end-of-row access-layer applications.

    Data center racks with standards-based 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet and FCoE features, and virtual machine awareness features that allow IT departments to consolidate networks.

    A combination of high port density, lossless Ethernet, wire-speed performance, and extremely low latency that makes the switch family well suited to meet the growing demand for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

    A. 1000v

    B. 1010

    C. 2000

    D. 3000

    E. 4000

    F. 5500

  • Question 5:

    Which technologies will be found in a data center that is designed for Cisco equipment?

    A. NPV

    B. NPIV

    C. VSAN

    D. FCoE

  • Question 6:

    Your customer is designing a new data center with FCoE. Which three appropriate platforms are capable of meeting this requirement? (Choose three.)

    A. Cisco Nexus 5596 switch with FCoE license

    B. Cisco Nexus 7010 switch with FCoE license

    C. Cisco Fabric Extender with FCoE support

    D. Cisco 2948 switch with FCoE license

    E. Cisco Catalyst 6509 switch with FCoE blade

  • Question 7:

    Your client is a large financial institution that is subject to security regulations. They have asked you for the highest level of traffic separation natively available on the Cisco Nexus 5500. Which answer is correct?

    A. VDC

    B. VRF

    C. VLAN

    D. Subnet

    E. Port Profile

  • Question 8:

    Which three items represent features of Cisco Virtual Switching System? (Choose three)

    A. Single control plane

    B. Dual control planes

    C. VSS appears as one switch to downstream switches

    D. VSS appears as two switches to downstream switch

    E. Etherchannel protocols include Static, LACP

    F. channel protocols include Static, PAgP, PAgP+, LACP

  • Question 9:

    Which four statements about Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization are true? (Choose four.)

    A. OTV is a "MAC in IP" technique for supporting Layer 2 VLANs over any transport.

    B. OTV is not a public standard, even though the technology is based on standardized protocols.

    C. OTV is public standard because the technology is based on standardized protocols.

    D. OTV is supported on all M-Series modules of Cisco Nexus 7000.

    E. OTV is core and site transparent. Changes to the Layer 2 design of the sites are needed.

    F. OTV enables the network administrator to statically map MAC addresses to IP addresses.

    G. OTV cannot support multiple concurrent overlays.

    H. OTV supports Catalyst 6500.

  • Question 10:

    Which item represents a hardware requirement on the Cisco Nexus 7000 to terminate FCoE hosts? (Choose one.)

    A. F1 Series 10Gb Ethernet module

    B. M2 Series 10Gb Ethernet module

    C. X1 Series 10Gb Unified Fabric module

    D. C2 Series 10Gb Service module

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