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    :Deploying Cisco Service Provider Network Routing (SPROUTE)
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Cisco CCNP Service Provider 642-883 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    Refer to the Cisco IOS route map configuration exhibit.

    Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

    A. The match prefix-list condition is a logical OR: match prefix list PL1 OR PL2.

    B. All match conditions are logical OR: match prefix list PL1 OR PL2 OR match the APACL1 AS path access list.

    C. The three match conditions are logical AND. match prefix list PL1 AND PL2 AND match the APACL1 AS path access list.

    D. The local preference AND the metric will be set to 100 IF the route matches the PL1 OR PL2 prefix list AND the route must also match the APACL1 AS path access list.

    E. All routes that are not matched by the sequence 10 route map statement will be dropped.

  • Question 2:

    When using the Cisco IOS XR route policy language to define a logical if-then-else condition, which logical operator has the highest precedence?

    A. AND

    B. OR

    C. NOT

    D. IS

    E. IN

  • Question 3:

    A network engineer cannot connect different routers by eBGP using peer groups. Which two actions establish an adjacency between both routers? (Choose two.)

    A. Ensure that the peer group statements match across all routers.

    B. Ensure that ebgp-multihop is configured.

    C. Ensure that the remote-as statement is configured with the correct peer AS.

    D. Configure a weight value that is lower than the default value of 32768.

    E. Specify the weight attribute first.

  • Question 4:

    A network specialist is working for a large enterprise that has a BGP-enabled multihomed core infrastructure. Recently, the ISP that provides Internet connectivity to the company had to temporarily disable one of the BGP sessions as a result of routers blackholing BGP prefixes in transit. Which option can the specialist use to avoid this incident in the future?

    A. filtering local prefixes outbound

    B. using only one router as primary BGP speaker

    C. permitting only local prefixes outbound

    D. filtering external prefixes inbound

  • Question 5:

    What is the configured IS-IS circuit-type between the CE5 and PE5 routers and between the PE5 and PE6 routers? (Choose two.)

    A. Circuittype L1 between CE5 and PE5 4

    B. Circuittype L1/L2 between CE5 and PE5

    C. Circuittype L2 between CE5 and PE5

    D. Circuittype L1 between PE5 and PE6

    E. Circuittype L1/L2 between PE5 and PE6

    F. Circuittype L2 between PE5 and PE6

  • Question 6:

    An engineer is working on routers within AS 100. Which regular expression can be used in an AS path access list to match locally originated routes from AS 100?

    A. ^100$

    B. ^$

    C. _100$

    D. ^[0-9]*$

  • Question 7:

    When monitoring the OSPF operations in the network, you notice that the OSPF process is not load balancing traffic across multiple OSPF links. Which configuration adjustment could be made to enable the OSPF process to load balance traffic across multiple OSPF links?

    A. Enable BFD on the OSPF interfaces and on the OSPF routing process.

    B. Enable NSR on the OSPF routing process.

    C. Enable NSF on the OSPF routing process.

    D. Adjust the OSPF cost on the OSPF interfaces.

    E. Adjust the OSPF variance parameter.

    F. Use the wide-style OSPF metric instead of the narrow-style OSPF metric.

  • Question 8:

    Refer to the exhibit.

    R2 does not have R1 subnet in its BGP table. Which issue can be causing this problem?

    A. XR4 does not have next-hop-self for a R2 iBGP session.

    B. R2 does not have no auto-summary configured.

    C. XR4 drops any update coming from R1.

    D. IPv4 address-family is not enabled on R1.

  • Question 9:

    Cisco IOS XE has OSPF area authentication configured for MD5 and interface authentication configured for clear text. Which configuration takes precedence?

    A. null

    B. area

    C. MD5

    D. interface

  • Question 10:

    Which router has the su [20/115] entry pointing to NullO in its routing table and why? (Choose two.)

    A. CE5

    B. PE5

    C. PE6

    D. The router is summarizing into

    E. The router is suppressing the route

    F. The L2/L1 IS-IS router is blocking the interarea route to the L1-only router

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