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Cisco CCIE 400-151 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    Refer to the exhibit. Your application has reduced health score. Upon inspection, you find fault that impacts the health score. The fault currently is the soaking lifecycle state. Which 2 options are possible next steps while in this state? (Choose 2)

    A. The condition ceased by it self and goes into the soaking-cleaning state.

    B. The soaking timer expires and moves to the Raised severity level

    C. Acknowledge the fault, which immediately clears it from the system

    D. The condition ceases by itself an automatically clears the fault

  • Question 2:

    Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements are true? (Choose three)

    A. Zoning is configured on the upstream SAN switch.

    B. Storage is attached directly to Cisco UCS.

    C. There are 14 blades active in the system.

    D. The Cisco UCS Manager is in switch mode.

    E. Two separate physical SAN switches are upstream of Cisco UCS.

    F. There are 7 blades active in the system.

    G. The Cisco UCS Manger is in end-host.

    H. Zoning is configured on Cisco UCS Manager.

  • Question 3:

    Which two statements about Node Management Address are true? (Choose two)

    A. Static node management addresses support only IPv4 addressing

    B. Static node management addresses , in-band and out-of-band, are associated with the common tenant

    C. Node management addresses are configured during the initial APIC and switch setup scripts , and they are not part of APIC policy configuration

    D. The external management entity instance profile communicates with nodes that are part of out-of-band management endpoint group

    E. The managed node connectivity group captures the set of nodes that are going to participate in the management network

  • Question 4:

    Drag and drop the mode of operation on left onto the correct definition on right.

    Select and Place:

  • Question 5:

    Which three components are involved in the Cisco vPath SoIution? (Choose three)

    A. leaf

    B. VSM

    C. Service grap

    D. VEM

    E. APIC

    F. virtual service

  • Question 6:

    Which statement about switch policies and leaf profiles in the ACl Fabric is true?

    A. Switch leaf profiles are configured under Fabric > Fabric Policies

    B. Leaf and spine profiles can be part of the same switch policy switch profile when the ports on the leafs and spines have similar characteristics

    C. Manually configuring leaf profiles is not required because they are dynamically configure after new devices come online that are connected to the front panel ports of the leaf

    D. Leaf profilesare associated to interface selector profiles that identify ports on the leaf

    E. Each leaf profile in the ACI fabric must have a unique policy that identifies each single leaf

  • Question 7:

    In which default state are all Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect Ethernet ports configured?

    A. uplink port

    B. unconfigured port

    C. disabled port

    D. trunk port

    E. access port

  • Question 8:

    Which option is a commonly used network layer protocol in an environment?

    A. CoAP

    B. AQMP

    C. MQTT

    D. RPL

    E. XMPP

  • Question 9:

    Refer to the exhibit. Corporate ABC want to implement control by allowing authorized virtual machine MAC addresses to send traffic to the Internet. The administrator wants to add this MAC ACL on Nexus7k-1 to achieve the task: (Choose 2)

    [Configuration Output] Nexus7k-1: Mac access-list mac-ad Permit 0050.561f.73d3 0000. 00ff.ffff any ! Interface e1/1 Mac access-group mac-ad

    A. The MAC address and mask do not match.

    B. The MAC ACL cannot be applied to egress traffic.

    C. This command is wrong to apply this ACL under interface.

    D. The sequence number is missing from the ACL.

    E. The MAC ACL is not supported on Cisco nexus 7000 Series.

  • Question 10:

    SNMPv3 authorizes management operations only by configured users and encrypts SNMP messages. Which authentication protocols does Cisco NX-OS Software use for SNMPv3? (Choose 2)

    A. NMAC-SHA-96 authentication protocol

    B. HMAC-MD5-96 authentication protocol

    C. Community String Match protocol

    D. NMAC-MD5-96 authentication protocol

    E. HMAC-SHA-96 authentication protocol

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