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    :Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks
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Cisco CCNP Wireless 300-360 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    An engineer is surveying a customer site for additional wireless coverage. Which two menus will engineer navigate to in order to determine the maximum number of supported APs? (Choose two.)

    A. Monitor ?Access Points

    B. Wireless ?Access Points

    C. Management ?Summary

    D. Controller ?Inventory

    E. Monitor ?Summary

  • Question 2:

    What document must be kept current when a customer is conducting network maintenance?

    A. readiness report

    B. survey report

    C. installation report

    D. technical report

  • Question 3:

    Which functionality on WLAN controllers and APs is used to periodically reconfigure the 802.11 RF network?

    A. AitMagnet VoFi Analyzer

    B. Cisco Connected Mobile Experience

    C. Cisco CleanAir

    D. Radio Resource Management

  • Question 4:

    The wireless team must configure a new voice SSID for optimized roaming across multiple WLCs with Cisco 7925 phones. Which two WLC settings accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

    A. Configure AVC profiles on the SSID

    B. Configure mobility groups between WLCs

    C. Use AVC to tag traffic voice traffic as best effort

    D. Use Cisco Centralized Key Management for authentication

    E. Configure AP groups between WLCs

  • Question 5:

    You must optimize the 2.4GHz radio usage during the frequency planning of a high-density environment. Which step do you take to ensure that all of the clients can access the APs?

    A. Reduce the number of users per cell by adding additional APs

    B. Physically limit the propagation of wireless signals by using antennas and by the placement of the APs

    C. Limit the propagation of wireless signals by using a four-channel plan on neighboring APs where available

    D. Limit overlapping signals by using three non-overlapping channels

  • Question 6:

    When a post-installation audit is performed with an auditing tool such as Ekahau, which three steps are associated with the passive portion of the audit? (Choose three.)

    A. Check that you have adequate signal levels as surveyed

    B. Make sure you emulate your customer client

    C. Check for co-channel interference

    D. Verify that the network traffic of physical data rate and packer loss meets user requirements

    E. Survey by SSID to ensure roaming is taking place

    F. Verify AP announced data rate coverage

  • Question 7:

    An initial meeting has been scheduled for a proposed site survey of a customer headquarters location. Which two types of information would be valuable to collect prior to the formal kickoff meeting?

    A. Number of branch locations

    B. Plans for branch expansion

    C. Number of customers

    D. Business type

    E. Site type (urban, suburban, external environmental sensitivity, etc.)

  • Question 8:

    A user is running a new video conferencing application on their laptop and is being disconnected as they move from one access point to another. Which situation will cause these disconnects?

    A. P2P blocking is denying connections

    B. FT is not supported by all clients

    C. AAA override needs to be enabled

    D. WMM must be changed to disabled

  • Question 9:

    An engineer is shipping equipment, including a battery, for a wireless survey overseas. To ensure that it is accepted onto the aircraft, the battery must comply with which standard?

    A. EC

    B. FCC

    C. IATA non-restricted

    D. FAA

  • Question 10:

    What is the minimum RSSI signal for a data WLAN?

    A. -65 dBm

    B. -67 dBm

    C. -72 dBm

    D. -80 dBm

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