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    :DCUCI Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI)
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Cisco CCNP Data Center 300-175 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    Drag and Drop Question

    You are configuring a Cisco UCS port channel.

    Drag and drop the description from the left onto the correct port channel types on the right.

    Select and Place:

  • Question 2:

    Drag and Drop Question

    Drag and drop the fabric interconnect characteristics on the left to the correct Ethernet switching modes on the right.

    Select and Place:

  • Question 3:

    Which network driver is required on a VMware ESXi 5.0 host for a vNIC to enter Cisco VM-FEX universal passthrough mode?

    A. VMXNET3

    B. Vlance

    C. Flexible

    D. E1000e

    E. VMXNET5

  • Question 4:

    Which virtual hardware version is required for a VM to enter the Cisco VM-FEX universal passthrough mode?

    A. Version 5

    B. Version 6

    C. Version 7

    D. Version 8

    E. Version 9

  • Question 5:

    Which feature must be configured for Linux VMs to be able to transition from Cisco VM-FEX standard mode to universal passthrough mode?

    A. RSS

    B. MSI Interrupt Mode

    C. VEMDPA Agent

    D. Execute Disabled Bit

    E. Processor C State

  • Question 6:

    How does a dynamic vNIC get allocated?

    A. Dynamic vNICs are assigned to VMs in VMware vCenter.

    B. Dynamic vNICs can only be bound to the service profile through an updating template.

    C. Dynamic vNICs are bound directly to a service profile.

    D. Dynamic vNICs are assigned by binding a port profile to the service profile.

  • Question 7:

    After staging a VEM file on a VMware ESXi 5.0 host in the /tmp directory, what is the correct command syntax to install the VEM?

    A. esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/VEM500-20110825132140-BG-release.zip -maintenance-mode

    B. esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/VEM500-20110825132140-BG-release.zip -maintenance-mode

    C. esxupdate software vib install -d /tmp/VEM500-20110825132140-BG-release.zip -maintenance-mode

    D. esxupdate software vib install -v /tmp/VEM500-20110825132140-BG-release.vib -maintenance-mode

  • Question 8:

    How many certificates does Cisco Unified Computing System Manager have to export to communicate with VMware vCenter server if the VMware ESXi hosts are all running version 5.0 or higher?

    A. 1

    B. 2

    C. 4

    D. 8

    E. 16

  • Question 9:

    What is the purpose of the maximum ports that are filed in the port profile?

    A. determines the maximum number of uplinks that VMs can use

    B. determines the maximum number of VMs that can use the DVS

    C. determines the maximum number of DVSs that can use the port profile

    D. determines the maximum number of dynamic vNICS on the DVS

  • Question 10:

    What is the maximum number of ports on a VMware vCenter Distributed Virtual Switch?

    A. 64

    B. 128

    C. 1024

    D. 4096

    E. 8192

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